Yoga with Amber App


Yoga taught to you from an International yoga teacher in the comfort of your home

 I was inspired to bring this App to you so everyone can be doing yoga easily without feeling like they don't have time or are intimidated going to a general class.  The beauty of the Yoga with App is you can follow a class for as long as you want and in the comfort of your own home. Slowly you will build up confidence in your to have a home practice that can be integrated into your life daily.


No matter what stage of life we are at, we all need movement.  The thing I love about Yoga is when it is taught well and then learnt, it becomes a "Meditation in Motion"which is perfect for everyone.  For the teenager who needs to slow down, the Mum who needs to learn to switch off the Dad who needs to move differntly than how he would move in sports, the older person who is feeling like they are just not moving enough... Yoga truly is for Everyone

Yoga is a discipline but after time the discipline becomes a need, a passion and a gift to your body and mind.
So What do YOU get for downloading the Yoga with Amber App? I hear you ask!

  • Clear and precise Instructions on how to do the poses correctly

  • A huge emphasis in all the classes on your posture and how to use the yoga poses to correct your posture

  • 10,20,30 minute sessions to choose from, so there is no excuse to not be doing yoga

  • Modifications within each section in case you have particularly tight shoulders or hips and need a modified pose for that day.

  • Sections to cater for all levels eg Beginners, anatomical, Intermediate and Advanced



To Download the Yoga with Amber App

We have tried to make this App as simple as possible to use and as available as possible. The Yoga with Amber App is available for ios and android devices.  You can get the App at the App store. 

You can download the App by following the link below.