Yoga and Sound Workshop

Yoga and Sound Workshop


Saturday 19th October 1pm - 4pm

In this nourishing workshop with Amber you will be guided through a sapcious yoga practice supported by the powerful vibrations of sanskrit mantra and harmonium with Louise. You will also learn how to use sound mantras as a daily pracitce to calm the body, and refresh your energy. The Workshop will finish with a soothing sound Healing session.

A lovely mug of Chai and bliss Ball will complete your afternoon.

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The Yoga and Sound Healing Workshop is held in the Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, 10 minutes North of Kin Kin. Just the drive up to the Retreat centre brings calm and you feel all your stress leaving you. The address of the Retreat is:

Tivoli Retreat - 162 Wilton Road, Greens Creek QLD 4570