5 Reasons to go on a Yoga Retreat.

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There are so so many reasons I believe we go on Retreats and the benefits of going on retreats. Here are a few..

1. Time Out For Yourself
There is a huge difference between going on holiday and going on retreat. Even the word itself tells us that it’s all about stepping back, going inwards, and allowing yourself the treat of time out.

Quite often holidays can be more about doing, while a retreat is simply about being. Holidays mostly involve other people and compromising on where to go and what to do, and a retreat is all about you and listening to your own needs at all times.

Time away from your day-to-day life will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, re-inspired, and deeply rested.

2. Deepen Your Practice
This particular Retreat really will take your practice to the next level. Whether you have been practicing yoga for a while and you know the benefits of yoga. Or maybe you’ve just heard all about it and are keen to experience the magic for yourself. It could even be that you have just started and caught the bug, or need a kick start to get you back on your mat.

On the retreat you will practice yoga twice a day, which in itself will increase your strength, flexibility, and your awareness of your own practice more than you would ever believe.

3. To support change or transition.
Life is all about change. It is one of the only constants in life and yet for many of us, it can be one of the hardest things to deal with. When our lives change, everything and everyone we know changes too.

If you are reassessing your life in any way, attending a yoga retreat is a beautiful and healthy way for you to gain deeper understanding, clarity and insight.

Going on a yoga retreat can help build courage and internal strength to help you deal positively with your life change.

4. Learn Something New
You always learn something new when you are on a Retreat. This can be about a yoga pose or practice but can also be something new about yourself.
You could take far more than a deepened practice and peace of mind away with you.

5. Detox Your Life
Looking to cleanse your body, mind and soul? On all the Yoga with Amber Retreats there is always delicious healthy food and a huge emphasis on healthy eating.

Your mind and emotions will also be taken care of through your daily yoga practice, plus meditation and mindfulness.

The main focus of the Bali Retreat is to help you to feel really, really good in all ways, so no matter what your initial reasons for coming along, you will leave feeling cleansed, restored, re-inspired, recharged, and most of all, like new! Best of all is that you’ll take away heaps of new inspiration and ideas of things you can incorporate into your daily life to help keep the retreat magic alive.

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