5 poses to help you find calm in a busy life.

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5 poses to help you find calm in a busy life.

Forward bends draw your attention inside and away from the worldly concerns

Many people believe in yoga that a forward bend is about the hamstrings. This is because when you perform a forward bend you feel the stretch in the hamstrings but if we focus only on lengthening the hamstrings you will miss the big picture which is about balance and lengthening the spine.

As you all know the spine houses the nervous system. A healthy flexible spine equals a healthy nervous system.

A forward bend also opens the front of the body. This pose in combination with a downward dog and upward plank plus extended hand to toe really help you to experience more balance within each pose but will also more balanced throughout the entire body.

The Mind-Body benefits from these poses

Forward bends counter the patterns formed by your daily habits by opening the hips and helping to coax the hamstrings into softening and releasing there tension.

Forward bending is also a time for introspection as you draw your attention away from the outside world by physically folding the body inward.

Key focus as you move through these poses

These poses help you to think actively about your forward bends. So when you are bending forward make sure you protect the lower back by tilting the pelvis and pulling the rib cage in so you engage your abdomen throughout posture.

Think length and elongation rather than head to knee or focusing on hoe far down you are in the pose.

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  1. Pashimottaanasana - Forward bend

    Have your legs out straight, bend the knees slightly if your hamstrings feel tight so as not to compromise the length of the spine that is required when forward bending. Slowly lengthen the torso over the legs keeping a soft gaze looking forward.

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2. Upavistha Konasana - Wide angled forward bend
Take your legs wide. Engage the legs flexing the feet. Make sure your knees face upwards so your thighs are no rolling out. Walk hands slowly forward lengthening your torso. Focus forward rather than down to keep the elongation of the spine.

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3. Purvottanasana - Upward plank

Start sitting as if gonig into a forard bend. Place your palms on the floor behind your hips and back a little to give you space to lift, have your fingers facing forward. Lift you pelvis and point your toes. Be mindful of the neck.

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4. Parsvottanasana - Side forward bend

Have your hands on hips or behind your back in a prayer position. Take a stance of a small stride. Have your hips facing forward. If your hamstrings are tight bend the front knee a little. Focus on the back leg being strong and anchored. Again thing length through the spine.

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Adho Mukha Svanasana - Downward facing Dog

Start in a pose of the child with arms stretched forward. Come on to all fours. Lift the hips up and press them back, allow the shoulders to open and press the arm pits down to the floor. Legs straight and slowly allow the heels to draw down to the floor. Focus on the extension in the spine and the lift of the hips, not on the heals touching the floor.

This short sequence can be done daily to relieve tension in the body and create a balance between the body and the mind.


Namaste Yogis


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