When your day does not flow like a river!

You know those days when you wake up and nothing seems to flow. Your kid cant find their socks so calls you every name under the sun, your washing machine breaks down, the car starts to make a funny noise and you think oh no, you wait for 4 hours for your parcel to be delivered only to find you ordered the wrong thing… Ahhhhh!!! It just does not go well. Wheres the flow!

This is when I hear a lovely friend of mine, Ronnie Kahn (founder of Oz Harvest) saying to me

“Ïts first world problems Amber” yep, it brings me straight back down to earth. That it is for sure.

The thing is a lot of us feel this way, that things need to always be are going right because we are perfectionists.

According to the book Finish, by Jon Acuff, this brand of negative self-talk, Im not enough, Im not perfect, is a tell-tale symptom of a perfectionist. We have expectations that we have put on ourselves since childhood of how things should! go, and when life throws us a curve ball it challenges our sense of justice and our sense of belief in ourselves.

(By the way the book Finish by Jon Acuff is an excellent read.)

Chattering Monkey - Next comes the voice of the chattering monkey. I am sure you have all heard this, the monkey mind. Its that constant chatter in your mind. This is the voice that starts to tell you, its your fault, you should have left earlier, your always late, why didnt you service the car, if only you… and on it goes.

Stop - So on days like this, stop. Just stop. Stop and smell the roses. Look at what your mind is saying and talk back to it and say I know I stressed you out, but lets take a moment to re group:

  1. Breathe. Take 5 - 10 nice abdominal breaths. Its pretty much impossible to do deep breathing and still feel stressed.

  2. distract the mind through movement especially if you feel anxious. I do star jumps, you choose.

  3. Write down 5 things that you are Grateful for right now. studies show thatt when you write down something the brain absorbs it 60% more than when its just said out loud. So write it down.


Anyway my fellow Yogis, thats me for the weekend.

Happy Weekend and don’t sweat the small stuff



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