Build a daily yoga Habit in 21 days.

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What if you could build a daily Yoga habit in 21 days?

We all know that consistency is key to building a habit and adhering to doing the same thing everyday.

Do you have a desire to practice regularly and to make it feel like clock work and that you really enjoy your practice.

Do you sometimes get on your mat and get lost and distracted because you don't know what to start with and end up giving up saying you will do it later. 

Do you end up doing the same poses over and over so only progress in one way.

Do you wish you had a few series that you can follow depending on how you were feeling.

Do you love Asana but would also like to understand more about the Yogic breath and a few simple Breathing exercises to help with stress and changes that happen as we age.

So I have thought about this a lot and I want to offer you all a 21 day course where you will learn all of the above and more.

The course can be done in your own time but will need daily commitment so you complete each activity set for you on the day it is set and you receive it.  Keeping you accountable.

You will learn how to sequence your practice.
How to bring a deeper breath into your practice and where to add this in.
What poses support what functions in the body.  Example adrenal function etc.
You will receive a daily practice with an emphasis on learning a certain amount of poses each day.  This will be in a form of a video.
You will also receive a task to be done daily to help with personal development and help to create rituals around goal setting etc.


The cost of the Course is $145.  You will get to keep all the videos so you can use them over and over.
So to register Click on the Link Below. Or if you want more information also click on the link below and LETS DO THIS!

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