3 Things I learnt whilst on my Yoga Retreat in Bali

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3 Things I learnt whilst on my Yoga Retreat in Bali.

This was my 5th Yoga Retreat in Bali. I am so blessed to be able to bring together my love of Yoga in the place of Bali where I lived for 12 years in my 20s and had my first 2 children, so it holds a special plae in my Heart.

Where do I start as I learn so much when Im away and teaching.

  1. Gratitude -

To be gratfeful is all the talk at the moment especially on Social Media.

Be gratfeul for what you have!!! we hear all the time. People on Instagram saying how gratfeul they are for their lives, which is awesome but what I love about the people of Bali is that they celebrate Gratitude daily through Rituals and not through words, but through offerings to the gods to keep them safe.

They place these offerings at the front of their houses, on their motorbikes and in their cars, everywhere you see these offerings.

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The offerings are a sacred form of gratitude for what is and a wish for peace and abundance in the world. They are a representation of the Balinese people’s devotion to their (Hindu) gods, but at the core, these offerings are so much more. It takes a whole village to make them and it is a constant practice. The time and effort taken to prepare the canang sari offerings honor a daily ritual of self-sacrifice, a spirit of thankfulness, and a significant attention to detail. These values translate into everything they do and everything they are.


Women are traditionally in charge of assembling canang sari. Multiple generations of women seated together over an array of little square baskets is not an uncommon sight; assembling canang sari is a personal meditative process and a communal exercise.

As more women join the workforce in Bali, it’s now common for locals to purchase canang sari from specialized vendors at the local markets. Although this means some of the ritual of creating offerings is lost, women remain the primary overseers of the process, not only in selecting offerings, but also in their placement and accompanying prayer.

Conclusion - My conclusion is that gratitude comes from being, from creating rituals from being in a community and from repeating simple tasks daily.

I am Grateful.

2. Trust in me as a Teacher and Leader

I have never thought of myself as a leader. As a teacher of Yoga - Yes, but a leader, no that hasn’t in the past sat well with me. .

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However, on being on this retreat and having people that didnt know me and were trusting me not knowing really what to expect was huge.

I felt honored and I have been a teacher and a leader of Yoga for over 25 years, I do know my craft and its important that we recognise what we have learnt and the knowledge we have aquired through a consistent path of learning.

3. Daily Practice

I knew the value of daily practice, but I have to say this group showed me in one week the impact that that can have on you.

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Nearly everyone arrived with a nervousness of how would they get through practing 4/5 hours of Yoga everyday for 6 days… The first few days are tough, your body is opening and it feels sore, tight and can be a little uncomfortable.

By day 6 everyone and I mean everyone and there was a real mixture of ages and abilities. We had 21 years and 74 years and yet by the end of the retreat all had found their way and the last session just flowed.

Daily practice is the key. onsistency. Not the length of the practice but the consistnecy of it being a daily ritual.

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