September is the perfect month to reset your January Goals.


We are now 9 month into the year.  By now you should have a clear idea of whether you have succeed with your New Years resolutions or if you have not on maybe forgot all about them in February.  If your big New Year's plan was to, say, eat healthier, wake up earlier, or exercise three times a week, and you've slid right back into your old habits, don't worry—you can still get back on track.

Spring gives us another chance to succeed with our goals.   I've spent more than 15 years teachig yoga and helping people to be stronger in body and mind.  Helping them to motivate them to be healthy strong and suceed.  I can help motivate you to accomplish your goals too—this is what I love to do, after all!

The first step is to review the goals you set for yourself in January. Do these goals still feel relevant to you at the end of August? Have new opportunities popped up that might be more meaningful to you now? You should also be reviewing how much you got done in nine months — was it more than you expected or less than you expected?  

The point of this review is not to make yourself feel bad, but instead to help you better estimate how long it takes do something. That will help you in the next step. Finally, consider how well you’ve balanced your goals. Hopefully you set goals for all the areas of your life — both professional and personal. But now that we are nine months into the year have you made more progress in some areas than others?

If one area of your life got more attention than another, consider dropping or paring back goals in that area to make space for the other parts of your life.

Enjoy the process and why not take advantage of the offers below.  THe reset is a fabulous place to start if your health journey feels a bit off track and the coaching can help you in all aspects of your life.  Namaste Yogis..

Amber MullerComment