Is yoga more beneficial in the morning or in the evening?

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Early morning is a spiritually charged time of the day in Vedic tradition. Sun salutations, camel pose and bridge pose are apt to stretch and strengthen core. Yoga before bed can be relaxing and contributes to restful sleep. Include breathing in positions like Child's pose and soothing surrender postures like half pigeon and seated forward fold in evenings.

Sun salutations are the perfect way to wake up the whole body and get the blood pumping.  Yoga in the morning also helps to kick start your digestive system and can help boost your metabolism. After sleeping all night, Yoga helps to iron out the kinks in the body. Practicing yoga first thing in the morning offers you a way to clear your mind and get your body ready for the day.

Another thing I personally have really found of a huge benefit to practicing in the morning is it has created a ritual, it then sets the tone of the day. Also practicing first thing in the morning there are no distractions or tasks that will get in the way and stop me from getting a practice in.  I also love to add in an extra-long headstand or shoulder stand to send fresh oxygen into your head.

Then there is Yoga at night.  Yoga before bed can be relaxing and contribute to a restful sleep. However, remember to avoid asanas that are overstimulating and counterproductive for rest, such as forward and backward bends. Instead focus on breathing in positions such as Child’s pose, which stretches the back muscles, aids digestion and ensures a sound sleep.

Nowadays with all the gadgets and technology that surround us we are struggling even more to get a good nights sleep.  One way to help reduce both stress and certain types of pain is with a gentle evening yoga practice.  Certain positions in yoga help your body wind down and release tension, paving the way for more peaceful sleep. Concentrating on your body’s movements and breathing can also help relax a busy mind — a key idea behind the concept of mindfulness.

So basically choosing a time of day depends on many different factors. It also determines the postures you would need to practice or avoid during that time! Generally yoga can be classifed into morning yoga and evening yoga based on the time of practice. I love to do both depending on how my energy is at the time.

Start paying attention to which postures affect your energy levels at which time of day, and this will empower you to practice exactly what your body needs. Remember – you are your best guide!


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