Working on your Craft

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A question that I am often asked is

"How do you keep the passion of yoga going when it is your job?

A great question I think, and the answer is - easily!  I love doing yoga, does that mean sometimes I don't feel like doing it, yes of course it does.  We cant love something all the time, there will always be times when we don't feel like doing the thing we should be donig, but for me I want to and I feel I have a duty to because it is serving other people and that is what a big part of me is about.  That is what I love about it, teaching makes me keep practicing.  It doesn't drive the passion away from me, it makes me want to be better.

Teaching something, makes you better, makes you strive to learn more and this is why I never want to stop teaching.  Not to mention I meet so so many beautiful souls through yoga and I feel so grateful for that.

So this photo is in my garden and its for my Core Yoga program that I'm putting together. I love coming up with new ideas, new ways to bring yoga into peoples life... I don't always find it wasy to have the photos taken though but eventually it does all come together.  That's what Yoga so beautifully teaches us.  It teaches us patience, keep moving forward, make small adjustments often and enjoy the journey.

Namaste Yogis xxx


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