Over 40 - Yoga and Fitness, why we need to combine both

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As I approach 50 this year it has got me thinking about moving into my 50s and then 60s and how I want my fitness, my body, my health to be.

Since a young age I have cared what I look like.  Coming from a background of eating disorders at a young age I transferred the obsession of eating or not eating into exercise.  During Uni I use to run in an evening and this started mainly as a way to keep my weight down but actually I found it also helped my head, my what I call chattering monkeys would diminish as I ran.

Fast forward to being pregnant with my first child at 24, living in Indonesia,  I couldn't run and I had always dabbled in yoga, but honestly found it a little boring, obviously hadn't found the right teacher yet.  Anyway I thought I would try it as Id heard it was good for me!  I did enjoy it, my mind felt still whilst practicing but it never really gave me the same feeling as running...

So returning back to In Indonesia with young baby, a clothing business that was growing very quickly and a need to meet more western speaking people I went along to a Canadian guy, Yoga guru I was told, who was visiting for a month (AKA Danny Paradise, famous for teaching sting and Madonna) to do some of his yoga classes.  His style was my first introduction to Ashtanga yoga a dynamic form of yoga with an emphasis on deep breathing.  That was it I was hooked. 

So I have spent the last 20 years teaching yoga, practicing yoga and using yoga to keep me fit.  Yes I love the spiritual side of yoga, I love the breathing pranayama side of yoga, that goes without saying, but what I truly love is how yoga can, if taught well, keep your body super fit, strong, supple and grounded.

Back to where I started, so approaching 50 I started to ask around within my 40 plus community, what do you want for your body and mind as you age...The answer was very clear, they all wanted a strong, flexible body.  They wanted low impact exercises that achieved good results.  They all wanted an emphasis on core strength and they all wanted better posture.

Bingo! This is what I LOVE!! Its what I do very well and its what I am passionate about delivering to people. 

My plan is to introduce this to my community and test how peoples bodies respond.  So watch this space, comment below if this sounds like you and you would like to know more.

Namaste Yogis