Downward Facing Dog

down dog.jpg

The Downward Dog has got to be one of the most famous Yoga Poses in the western world today.  Adho Mukha Svanasana (Ah-doh MOO-kuh shvan-AHS-uh-nuh) — is a standing pose and mild inversion that builds strength while stretching the whole body. It's named after the way dogs naturally stretch their entire bodies! It’s not just that it looks good It is actually incredibly good for us.

Calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression
Energizes the body
Stretches the shoulders, hamstrings, calves, arches, and hands
Strengthens the arms and legs
Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause
Relieves menstrual discomfort when done with head supported
Helps prevent osteoporosis
Improves digestion
Relieves headache, insomnia, back pain, and fatigue
Therapeutic for high blood pressure, asthma, flat feet, sciatica, sinusitis

So 10 breaths everyday in Downward Dog is your challenge 🙏🏽

Amber MullerComment