Tea Time!

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I am a tea lover. I love all tea.. I especially love English breakfast tea but recently have become obsessed with Australian Lemon Myrtle tea. (Madura brand is the best

So all this thought on tea prompted me to research teas and whether or not teas actually count as your daily water quota.

According to a webmd article Coffee and tea do count in your tally. Many used to believe that they were dehydrating, but that myth has been debunked. This surprised me greatly.

There is still a dispute on water in take and its up for a lot of discussion, however that was not my quest, I wanted to find out if all the herbal teas and English breakfast tea that I drink count as my water in take of the day and thank goodness they do.

Of course if the drink is caffeinated that brings up different things but on a purely hydrating the body point, herbal teas and black teas do help the body to hydrate.
Now check out all these amazing teas and there medicinal benefits.

Medicinal Teas.

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