'Connect Back to You Retreat'

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Connect Back to You Retreat - 17-20th October Sunshine Coast Qld

This amazing Yoga weekend basically, is for us women, YOU, to unplug, reconnect and rejuvenate your body mind and soul. Life is busy, we do so much around family, partners, work and priorities that often we have forgotten to look after ourselves. You are the glue to your family and you cant afford to come unstuck.

Just the drive up to Tivoli Retreat makes you unwind and moves you into a pace where you can truly connect with yourself.

Then to be taught by Amber who has over 25 years of teaching and coaching people through the essence of Yoga, its a guarantee you will return home ready and willing to face things head on and with some new tools in your tool box.

Amber’s style of yoga teaching is to allow you to feel the poses within your body, to learn how to correct your alignment and to understand how to use the poses and your body to be strong but relaxed, something that doesn’t come naturally yet is crucial to us all as we age.

The retreat will help you to have better knowledge so your yoga gets easier, flows better, whilst still maintaining a clear and smooth focus on your breath. This in-turn can be used in the rest of your everyday life so things flow easier and there is less stress around the small stuff!!!


A word from Amber:

“Whatever your current level of practice is there is always more we can learn…  I am here to help you to get more..  After teaching yoga for over 25 years but practicing for longer, I have been so incredibly fortunate to learn from some great teachers that didn’t just take me through the paces of yoga but really taught me the ins and outs of alignment and structure.  Also of how strong our bodies can be through Bandhas and the breath.. I’m here to share with you, to guide you and to allow you to feel this within your body, then connect this with the breath and you will have a lovely practice.”

The Weekend Retreat

The Retreat venue -

Set on beautiful acreage where everywhere you look there are uninterrupted views to the beautiful rolling green hills, where you can relax and let go. Being surrounded by nature has an affect on your mind, its like a therapeutic effect of gently nudging you to slow down, reconnect with your natural surroundings and yourself.

The Yoga Practice on the Retreat -

Yoga offers self-reflection, the practice of kindness and self-compassion, and continued growth and self-awareness.

This weekend is about connecting back to You! Being in our bodies and exploring how that feels and learning how through yoga you can keep coming back to the body and mind connection. Yoga also relieves tension in our body, improves flexibility, stamina strength and body awareness all of which help us to connect back to ourselves.

The weekend is about being present. Being present with yourself, with the group and with the environment. You will practice yoga twice a day and the sessions will be around alignment within your body, strength and letting go. Amber always encourages you to work at your level and to take the poses with reflection and feeling of trust in the body and the mind.

Sound Healing on the Retreat -

On this weekend retreat we are lucky enough to have Louise from soul signature join us.

She will be taking us through a group sound healing session. Sound healing therapy uses aspects of music to improve your physical and emotional health and well-being. If you have not tried this, it is an amazing opportunity. Louise has an incredible voice and using the different healing sounds and methods she uses makes it a very special experience.

For full Details of the Retreat day to day and the cost of the Retreat click the link below.

We hope to see you there.

Namaste Yogis.x


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