Not everyone who does Yoga is Happy.

Not everyone who does Yoga is Happy.

Just because I practice yoga in doesn’t instantly make me happy.

I know this might seem controversial as I am am going to give you some science of why yoga can help with mood etc later on in this post, but the reason Im saying this is because everything is a process, a journey and yoga and your practice is exactly the same.

As a long term practitioner of Yoga Ive seen and heard so many claims. Yoga will give you a bliss-ed out feeling, make you calm, take away your anxiety etc. Of course it can help with all of this but to claim if you practice once a week you will become calm, centered and bliss-ed out might be a little far fetched.

Now I am a positive person and generally I live a very happy life but I have my struggles. Im a huge worry wart when it comes to my family, I struggled with eating disorders in my teens and my inner voice still gets the better of me sometimes telling me im not worthy!!

What yoga has done for me is it has kept me grounded. Its kept me striving for more. More out of myself as a person, on the mat, as a Mum as a wife and as a teacher.

Teaching yoga for over 20 years and practicing for nearly 30 years has been such a gift and I feel at 50 Im reaping the benefits. Has it felt sometimes like a hard slog, you bet it has.

I remember coming out of an advanced Retreat given by Simon Borg-Oliver whom I respect hugely, and thinking to myself, oh my god I don’t know anything,. Definitely I’ve had attacks of impostor syndrome many times.


Whats kept me going is my consistent practice. My need to get on my mat even for a few minutes.

Whats also kept me going is my love for teaching. My love for wanting to get better, be better and learn more so I can continually pass on my learning and experience to my clients, students anyone who will listen to me.

The Research

Researchers at the Boston University Medical School found that people who practice yoga regularly had higher levels of the amino acid GABA. People who suffer from depression and anxiety have very low levels of these amino acids in their bodies .

Yoga has also been found to reduce the level of cortisol. When high levels of cortisol are secreted within the bloodstream, stress levels rise and there is a higher propensity for depression. These researchers recommended the use of yoga for its abilities to act as an anti-depressant on its own and to further boost the power of actual medication.

Please note though that when they say people who practice yoga they mean regularly and for a period of time.


So the bottom line is that yoga brings you to reality. I’ve had to accept that I might not ever be able to do 10 drop backs in a row especially as I dont practice them. Sometimes we will feel good, sometimes we wont and that is reality.


Having Yoga in our lives maybe helps us accept reality more readily., gives us space in our minds to observe things, accept and move on perhaps.

But really don’t we all practice yoga because it makes us feel good. Our bodies thank us for it and we enjoy that feeling.

Namaste Yogis.


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