10 Reasons to do Yoga over the Age of 40

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We all know we need Yoga but do we know why?

So its nothing new to us all to know that we need to do yoga.

When people think of you yoga, often they picture a person relaxed, sitting crossed leg and humming softly the words Ohm!!

Whilst that picture is a lovely one, its certainly not why I got into yoga or why I have continued to practice yoga for over 20 years.

Yoga gives you everything.

You get fit and strong

It increases your flexibility yet keeps your muscles toned and strong

It gives you peace and mental clarity and because you are so in touch with your breath you feel very connected with your body and how it moves and feels.

So are many other reasons but you need to download this lovely book that I have written for all of you. I would appreciate it enourmously if you would share it with everyone and anyone.

Namaste and Enjoy yogis



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