Stretch out the body whilst travelling

So the past month I have been travelling a fair bit.  Obviously to Bali and back but also to conferences in the Gold Coast and Brisbane so quite a lot of time has been spent sitting in the car. My body certainly feels it and I have certain poses that I do to prevent the body from experiencing "cease up! "

Long hours on a plane or in a car can cause muscle tension and fatigue. These poses for traveling make it easy to stop, drop, and yoga anywhere from the airport terminal to your hotel room.

One of my all time favourites to do once you arrive at your destination is a few Sun Salutations.  Those of you that know me, know I just love sun salutes for me they are the BASE of EVERYTHING - No really they are! 

Next on my list would be Standing forward Bend. -   Stand with your legs hip width apart and slowly drop forward with legs staying as straight as possible. Take 5 deep breaths.

Downward Dog - Another great poses to stretch out the whole of the back of the body,  Keep your legs bent if your tight in your hamstrings and focus on your sitting bones lifting up to the ceiling not your heels to the floor.

Finally Legs up the Wall - So this pose can start with legs straight up and your sitting bones as close to the wall as possible.  Then you can bring your legs into a straddle and finally into Butterfly. 

legs up wall.jpg


All of these poses will really help your body to stretch out to release tension and to recover from jet lag or over worked.  make sure you focus on your breath and where ever possible on taking your breath a little deeper if it comes with ease - remember never force a deep breath.

Happy Travel Yogis