Headstand (Sirasana) - beautiful but beware of being too eager.

The Headstand I agree is a beautiful pose to look at and to do.  Now with Social Media Yoga is becoming more about the look! of the poses rather than the reason we practice yoga in the first place and this is a shame as it dilutes the essence of the headstand and the benefits that being upside down truly can give you.

Sirasana is the cause of many cervical distortions and even athritis.  This occurs from the way people are going into the pose and also from people being too eager to get up on their head and allowing the weight of their body to fall onto theri neck, giving the pose a wrong start...

For this reason it is in my opinion not a pose for beginners, although I do feel there is a time to teach preparation to beginners to help dispel the fear as  Headstand can be scary. It literally turns your world upside down. Beginners may become disoriented, unable to tell left from right and top from bottom. So preparation is key.

Tadasana or Mountain pose is a good pose to start with.  The actions of the legs, torso, and neck are essentially the same in both poses, although these actions feel different when you turn topsy-turvy and reverse your body's relationship to gravity.

I like to then come to a wall and just play with my hands in the triangle hold and the head lightly touching the floor. Lift your hips up to the ceiling and slowly walk your feet in towards your hands until the back leans on to the wall. 

Holding this pose keep pushing the elbows down and the wrists into the floor. There needs to be life in the front of the body eg the abdomen but also in the back of the body.  steady breathing until it starts to feel comfortable.  I would not mov past that until it feels comfortable and the weight is correct.

From there you can use the support ofthe wall to help you but not to support you totally as if you do you will calapse and but to much pressure on the head and ultimately on to the neck.

Amber MullerComment