Yoga and Bali

This is me in my garden in Bali doing my morning practice...

This is me in my garden in Bali doing my morning practice...

I was very lucky to meet some amazing teachers whilst living for 11 years in Bali, which changed my life but also living in Bali and having 2 half Indonesian children, learning a new culture and learning to speak Indonesian changed my life and we are all still  very attached to the place, it's home.

When I lived there, there was no Yoga in Bali, no yoga retreats in Ubud, no berry smoothies and vegan bars... You couldn't get anything that we have here. My mum used to bring me from the Uk a bucket of Tahini and fill her suitcase with nappies as disposables in Bali what's that!!! I use to long for bread, which I couldn't even make as they didn't have flour.  Eventually you adapt. 

I use to dream in Indonesian and forget words in English. Jaye and Kiranas first language was Indonesian and when we moved here Kirana couldn't speak English!!  

I love that I have travelled a lot, that My kids have not had a normal! Childhood and they have experienced so much..  

I met my gorgeous husband Markus in Bali and life has been a roller coaster ride of adventure since then.

i love living in Australia and I feel so blessed to be living here.


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