Private Yoga Class. 


I believe you learn more in a private yoga session than you would in a block of 10 classes.! 

This is because the personal class is tailored to your needs, your body and to creating a practice that is perfect for you.

It is an opportunity for you to get one on one guidance and attention to deepen your understanding and to learn correct alignment in your practice.  It will help you to build confidence so that you can practice at home alone.

Everyone can benefit from a private class including:

Beginners - if you are starting out in yoga but really want to learn the correct way and alignment to do the poses (asanas) a block of private classes will fast track your learning immensely.

Injured or have an injury - People who are working with injuries or recovering from an illness will greatly benefit from the one on one attention,

Big Goal - Anyone with a particular goal in mind. For example a marathon runner or triathelete.  THis will help them balance their training and prevent injury and manage the stress that is put ontheir body

Time poor - People who struggle to get to classes from th timetable.  Amber fits in around your schedule.

These classes can be booked into below.  They can be taught in the comfort of your home or at Ambers Studio.


Benefits of a private session

  • Personal one on one Attention - structured detail instructions on how to correct the pose to suit your body and posture.

  • Your class tailored to exactly what you want to learn on the day and each week.

  • Your time schedule.

  • Fast tracks your learning by 10 fold.

  • Learn correct alignment often over looked in a group setting.

  • balance out the body from other training

  • Increase your knowledge of correct breathing to help your body and immune system.




1 hour private session
$70 Any day of the week

5 class private session pack
$300 Any day of the week


All these years I was doing yoga wrong!

“After doing a few private sessions with Amber I realised that I had been for many years doing yoga in class wrong.  Wrong for my body.  Amber helped me to learn correct alignment and freedom in my body. My posture improved dramatically as did my practice.  I highly recommend the investment.”

— Wendy Noosa Waters.

Time poor!

“I had struggled to get to yoga classes as I work very long hours.  My body was falling apart from all the commuting and little movement and when I did exercise I would get injured.  Amber's private classes in the comfort of my home and schedule have helped prevent injury and we were able to create a short practice for me to do at home before and after work.”

— Sam NSW.

Yoga really helped my race.

“When I first met Amber in a group yoga class I attended I was so impressed by the way she moved and how fit and strong she was.  I decided to do a 5 week private session pack as I train hard everyday and sometimes it feels relentless.  It has helped my training no end, my focus on my race is better, my movement and flexibilty is better.  Highly recommend it.”

— Jaimelle Noosa.

     Treat yourself to a private session, you deserve it.