Mother and Daughter Yoga workshop

Saturday 2nd February 2019

2pm - 4.30pm

Being introduced to yoga as a child is wonderful I think. Having the understanding of breathing and learning the connection of body and mind through your breath sets kids up with a great coping mechanism as they get older. All my kids did it and I’m so pleased they did. they understand what yoga is and the benefits it’s gives your body and your mind.

Yoga is also so good for Mums. As mum’s we are busy and often have a thousand thoughts running through our head at one time. Yoga helps to create a feeling of calm and counterbalances the hectic reality of looking after kids, the physical stress of managing a household and a job.

  • The afternoon will involve individual a sequence of yoga poses

  • Simple breathing techniques that teach both people to be calm under pressure

  • Partner poses that are fun to do together

  • as well as a few other healthy, practical and peaceful ideas to practice at home, together.

  • No yoga experience necessary

This workshop helps to build trust with each other and we have lots of fun.


“This was such a great experience for us as we are completely new to yoga. Numerous times my daughter told me, "mum, this is so fun! “

“This was such a great afternoon. my daughter couldnt stop talking about it for days afterwards.”

“I hadn’t don’t yoga before and I was actually a bit nervous about how it would go. Amber made us all feel very comfortable and it was fun to be with the other Mums.”

Join the Workshop on Saturday 2nd February 2019 at Noosa Springs.

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